Jose Antonio Fernandes Dias Curating the Global

The Scramble for Africa

Joi, 16 iunie 2011, 19:00
In cadrul Free Academy

Incepand cu o privire de ansamblu si o descriere profunda a lucrarii artistului Yinka Shonibare, "The Scramble for Africa" (2000-2003), vom re-vizita cateva dintre principalele intrebari introduse de globalizare in practica artistica si curatoriat, concentrandu-ne retrospectiv pe "primitivismele moderniste", ca un moment particular si relevant pentru prezenta conditie a globalitatii.

Jose Antonio Fernandes Dias este antropolog si profesor la Facultatea de Arte din Lisabona, unde coordoneaza Masterul in Studii Curatoriale. A scris studii de antropologie publicate in toata lumea. A curatoriat numeroase expozitii, iar in calitate de curator face parte din echipa care coordoneaza proiectul "artafrica" si este consultant al Departamentului pentru Arta din cadrul Gulbenkian Foundation. In prezent este directorul proiectului Arica.cont. Traieste si lucreaza in Lisabona.

Free academy
Free Academy isi doreste sa fie o platforma informationala, o alternativa informala/nonformala la sistemul educational romanesc (neperformant) fara pretentia de a fi pusa intr-un context oficial.  Plusand pe o maniera neoliberala de predare ne dorim prin acest proiect sa urmarim beneficiile individuale si mai putin cele de grup. Fiecare individ are sansa la cultura/culturalizare si, in extenso, sansa la o alternativa ce-i poate determina cresterea valorica. Nu credem ca o diploma poate oferi un exemplu de competenta si, mai ales, de calitate a individului care o poseda si de aceea cursurile structurate in Free Academy nu ofera diplome si alte tipuri de hartii. Un proiect initiat de Eugen Radescu.

Jose Antonio Fernandes Dias Curating the Global

Thursday, 16 June 2011, 19:00
Free Academy

Starting from a long look and deep description of a work by Yinka Shonibare, “The Scramble for Africa”, 2000-2003, we will re-visit some of the main questions introduced in art practice and curating by globalization. Focusing on “modernist primitivisms” retro-prospectively, as a particular and relevant moment for our present condition of globality.

Jose Antonio Fernandes Dias, anthropologist and professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, where he coordinates the MA in Curatorial Studies. He is author of essays published in several countries, in books, magazines and catalogues, on Anthropology and Art, Museology, Curating, Post-Colonial Studies. As a curator, he’s part of the team coordinating the project artafrica, and is a consultant in the Department of Fine Arts from the Gulbenkian Foundation. He is curator of several exhibitions in Portugal and abroad. Currently is the head of the project Africa.cont. Lives and works in Lisbon.

Free Academy
Free Academy wishes to be an informational platform, an informal alternative to the Romanian educational system (unsatisfying) without the intent of placing it in an official context. Focusing on a neo-liberal manner of teaching we would like, through this project, to attain individual benefits rather than group ones.
Each individual has the opportunity to culture/culturalization and, in extenso, an opportunity to an alternative that can determine the growth of his value. We don’t believe that a diploma can offer an example of competence and, especially, of individual quality and that is precisely why Free Academy doesn’t offer any diplomas and other types of papers. Project initiated by Eugen Radescu.

Image: Jose Yinka Shonibare, “The Scramble for Africa”, 2000-2003 (detail). Courtesy of the artist.

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