Daniel Knorr – Limits of Jurisdiction


The Romanian Cultural Institute of Stockholm and Färgfabriken are proud to announce Daniel Knorr’s first solo show in Sweden: Limits of Jurisdiction. The project takes place in Stockholm and consists of three parts: Artist Books, 1m3 Freedom and Natural Cultural. 

Artist Books is Daniel Knorr’s ongoing book project presented at The Romanian Cultural Institute of Stockholm. This book project started in 2007 in Romania and continued in China, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Sweden and Armenia. Each copy contains different value-free objects that were found in public spaces and collected, inserted and pressed inside the pages of the book and a DVD documenting the production process. For each country there is a limited edition of 200 copies. The plan is to create a global encyclopedia.

1m3 Freedom is intended to be located in the public space, at Sergels Torg, and it consists of changing the legal status of one cubic meter of air in the city of Stockholm. The cubic meter of air that the Swedish state would recognize through an official document would become a "Terra Nullius," a "No Man's Land," regaining the same legal status as the universe, the sun, the moon or the planets, which are not occupied or privatized by humans.

Natural Cultural is the title of the work which Daniel Knorr has created for Färgfabriken’s main exhibition room, where the architectural structure is used in order to problematize the nature and development of the economic processes which started at the dawn of the industrial period and continue today. 

Another materialization of this work is intended to be located in the exhibition space of Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel.

Thanks to IASPIS for their generous support.

Admission to the institute is always free.

The exhibition is open Monday–Friday 10 am–5 pm and 13–14 August 12–4 pm.

For more information write to us at info@rkis.se or call +468207600.