Anaid Art Gallery: Lost and Found

Artists: Aitch & Saddo, Matei Arnăutu, Blisi, Suzana Dan, Alexandru Potecă, Raluka, Tara (von Neudorf), Mihaela Zvîncă   

Thursday, 24th of November 2011, at 7:30 p.m., shall take place, at ANAID ART GALLERY, the opening of the exhibition “Lost and found” with the participation of the following artists: Aitch & Saddo, Matei Arnăutu, Blisi, Suzana Dan, Alexandru Potecă, Raluka, Tara (von Neudorf), Mihaela Zvîncă, curator Diana Dochia. The persons who are fond of contemporary art will be able to visit the exhibition starting with 24th of November 2011 – 31st of January 2012.

The exhibition “Lost and Found” represents a combination of installations conceived and designed by the eight artists in order to rediscover and give another use to found objects. “Lost and Found” isn’t an exhibition which juggles with the notion of ready made, but an exhibition which re-contextualizes some usual objects which become art objects within the sacred space of the “white cube” gallery. “Lost and found” is about objects which express states, feelings, desires, nostalgia. It is about that feeling which we all have when in the attic of our grandmother or in a forgotten box we discover things, objects which at a time meant something for each of us, whether we talk about a doll, a jewel, a nut, a little house, a pillow, a lamp, a statuette, etc.

The eight artists design eight inter-independent installations within the exhibition.

Aitch & Saddo will make together a great size installation by combining, as in a puzzle game, small and abstract objects with different shapes and colors, resulting from this combination a great size character. Blisi will conceive an installation which refers to the three world’s religions: Buddhist, Hindu and Christianity. Suzana Dan will color the landscape with a series of little painted houses which recall the happy childhood and gingerbread.

Alexandru Potecă collects objects from the Romanian “golden era” which he gilds creating the sensation of a moment frozen in time.Raluka auto-photographs her installation made from usual objects and prints them on textile surfaces within an extremely soft and well controlled graphism. 

With her, Matei Arnăutu’s lamps, conceived through the re-conversion of computer chips, old mailboxes or willow baskets create bright graphisms which accentuate the exhibition space. Tara (von Neudorf) gathers from the “Transylvanian jungle” animal bones, old wood, iron, nuts which he converts into candle holders, bracelets, small installations that describe a dead and hopeless world.

Mihaela Zvanca uses symbols which refer to the tarot cards, story telling characters using the technique of the fragment and that of the postmodern "quoting" in some jewelry.

Anaid Art Gallery invites you to make an incursion in the contemporary art from Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. until 07:00 p.m., and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 06:00 p.m. 

Curator: Diana Dochia